What resveratrol promises Longevinex® delivers



  • ADVISORY: Limit Dosage of Polyphenols Such As Curcumin (Turmeric) When Combined With Resveratrol

    May 18 2021

    Some avid supplement users are getting into trouble by mega-dosing on polyphenols, hence the publication of this advisory for educational purposes.

    Longevinex® contains three potent polyphenols: resveratrol, quercetin and fisetin.

    The bulk of the scientific literature regarding polyphenols points to modest doses providing optimal health benefits. This is evidence of hormesis, that a small amount of a “toxin” can activate the body’s defenses rather than the polyphenols themselves producing an effect.


  • Making Longevinex® Capsules

    Dec 30 2019

    Longevinex® capsules start production three months before they become a finished product.  Raw materials are acquired, usually from overseas sources to keep costs low: resveratrol, vitamin D and quercetin from reliable vendors in China; IP6 rice bran and hyaluronic acid from Japan; nucleotides from France; beta cyclodextrin from Germany; lutein from marigold petals in Mexico.

    To comply with U.S. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), all of these raw materials are tested to confirm molecular composition, to be free of heavy metals and pesticides and with low bacterial and fungal counts.  The final product is re-tested in the same manner.  While it is often misstated that nutraceuticals like Longevinex® are not approved by the FDA like drugs are, they must comply with FDA GMP regulations.  These measures not only eliminate any chance of contaminants, but also averts any mislabeling problems that have historically plagued the dietary supplement industry.



    Feb 21 2019

    Don’t Let The Cells In Your Body Grow Old Before You Do

    Longevinex™, the world’s best-tested resveratrol pill (15 published papers), announces the addition of a new anti-senescent molecule to its patented formula (US Patent 8916528B2).

    As recently reported, a small percentage of cells in the human body become senescent, that is they no longer divide and generate daughter cells, and therefore accelerate human aging and induce premature mortality in laboratory animals, a discovery that researchers say will usher in a new class of anti-senescent youth pills that will promote unprecedented health span and lifespan in humans.