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Every supplement is rigorously researched and clinically tested for efficacy and safety. Our commitment to science ensures our products exceed industry standards, offering you trusted health solutions.

Natural, High-Quality Ingredients

Our meticulous selection process ensures that each component is pure, potent, and free from harmful additives. By combining nature’s best with our advanced formulation techniques, we create supplements that are both safe and effective.


Our products are crafted to deliver real health solutions, with thousands of customers worldwide attesting to their effectiveness. Longevinex is dedicated to enhancing your wellness journey with proven, transformative supplements backed by science.

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Our Flagship Resveratrol Products

Setting the Gold Standard in Resveratrol Supplements Since 2004


Scientifically Proven

Longevinex® holds a US Patent for a nutraceutical matrix that enhances the absorption and stability of resveratrol, comparable to a proprietary drug in clinical trials. This patented formula. celebrated and used by researchers, has undergone extensive testing and studies. Our commitment to science guarantees that our products surpass industry standards, providing you with reliable health solutions.


One of a Kind

Longevinex® was the pioneer in demonstrating that resveratrol is susceptible to degradation by light, heat, and oxygen. Our goal was to create a resveratrol pill as close to research-grade quality as possible, and our diligent efforts finally led to the introduction of the world's first stabilized resveratrol pill, activating 9 times longevity genes than plain resveratrol alone.


Lasts Longer

Our stabilized resveratrol is fortified with beta cyclodextrin for enhanced dissolution and encapsulated in an opaque shell to boost its biological activity and extend its shelf life, making our resveratrol capsule unparalleled.


Same Formula as Longevinex® with Added Benefits

Designed to provide all of the same features and longevity benefits of Longevinex® plus ingredients like lutein/zeaxanthin and pure hyaluronan to promote a more youthful appearance.


Advanced Formula

This is the first dietary supplement to address the aging of cells and connective tissue. It has the exact dosage of nutrients in Longevinex plus additional hydrating ingredients: pure hyaluronan, which can help thicken the hair, and lutein/zeaxanthin, which lubricates the joints and protects the eyes and skin from solar radiation, which results in aging.


Scientifically Proven

Our products are crafted to deliver real health improvements, with thousands of customers worldwide attesting to their effectiveness. This is the only Resveratrol-Based nutraceutical to pass toxicity testing. Every supplement is rigorously researched and clinically tested for efficacy and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Longevinex®?
Longevinex® is a leading nutraceutical company specializing in high-quality, scientifically backed supplements. Since 2004, Longevinex® has been at the forefront of developing anti-aging supplements that support healthy aging through rigorously researched and clinically tested formulations.
Longevinex® utilizes a patented nutraceutical matrix that enhances the absorption and stability of resveratrol, a key ingredient known for its anti-aging properties. This matrix mimics the effects of a calorie-restricted diet and activates longevity genes more effectively than resveratrol alone.
Longevinex® stands out due to its: ‌ Patented Formula: Enhances the absorption and stability of resveratrol. Scientific Validation: The only resveratrol-based supplement to pass toxicity testing and proven to dilate arteries, improve blood flow, and protect the heart in clinical studies. Synergistic Ingredients: Includes additional nutrients that work together to enhance anti-aging effects.
Users of Longevinex® can expect several health benefits, including: ‌ Enhanced Longevity: Activates longevity genes and mimics the benefits of a calorie-restricted diet. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Improves blood flow and protects against heart damage. Stabilized Formula: Longer shelf life and protection against degradation from light, heat, and oxygen.
Yes, every supplement by Longevinex® is clinically tested for efficacy and safety, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards. The supplements have undergone extensive testing, including toxicity testing published in reputable journals.
For optimal results, follow the dosage instructions on the product label or as advised by your healthcare provider. It’s important to incorporate these supplements into a balanced lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.
Longevinex® is actively involved in scientific research, holding a US Patent for its unique nutraceutical matrix. This matrix is celebrated and used by researchers and has been the subject of various studies published in journals like Food Chemistry Toxicology and Experimental Gerontology.

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