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Longevinex was spawned out of a visit to an Ivy League University laboratory where scientists had just completed an experiment showing yeast cells lived far longer when given a red wine molecule called resveratrol. I was on assignment as a journalist, writing about this discovery for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals magazine. Something else was brought to my attention at the time — a desk drawer full of resveratrol dietary supplements that weren’t producing the same biological effects as research-grade resveratrol used in the animal experiments. The question was, why? I had no immediate idea why.

Later I mulled over the facts, that the research-grade resveratrol used in the laboratory is produced under nitrogen gas so it is not exposed to the oxidation (oxygen), while the dietary supplements undergo no special protection. A vial of pure resveratrol used in the laboratory is kept frozen and protected from light exposure. I knew resveratrol works in a wine bottle, given the evidence presented that the French drink red wine and experience paradoxical health benefits, despite their high-fat.

Bill Sardi
Formulator, Longevinex