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Don’t Let The Cells In Your Body Grow Old Before You Do

Longevinex™, the world’s best-tested resveratrol capsules (15 published papers), announces the addition of a new anti-senescent molecule to its patented formula (US Patent 8916528B2).

As recently reported, a small percentage of cells in the human body become senescent, that is they no longer divide and generate daughter cells, and therefore accelerate human aging and induce premature mortality in laboratory animals, a discovery that researchers say will usher in a new class of anti-senescent youth capsules that will promote unprecedented health span and lifespan in humans.

So-called anti-senescent drugs are currently undergoing human trials so the prospect of anti-senescent drugs is at hand.  This is not some false promise that will materialize in the distant future.

What goes unsaid is that nature provides a number of molecules that inhibit cell senescence and one molecule, fisetin, prominently found in strawberries, exhibits superior ability to inhibit cell senescence, even far greater (~3-fold higher) than the widely heralded resveratrol.

Fisetin is in a class of small molecules called polyphenols and is similar in structure and molecular weight to resveratrol and quercetin, two other polyphenols provided in LongevinexÒ.

Longevinex™ combines fisetin with resveratrol, quercetin and rice bran IP6 in a cyclodextrin base, a solubilizing agent that potentiates their biological activity.

LongevinexÒ now provides 50 milligrams of Fisetin per capsule which is equivalent to the fisetin in 25 strawberries.  The Fisetin content of other fruits is negligible compared to strawberries.

Senescent cells are largely found in fat (adipose) cells underneath the skin, in breast tissue, bone marrow, abdominal fat and surrounding internal organs.  This confirms the biological battleground to slow or even reverse human aging is largely in abdominal fat.  Fisetin was demonstrated to strongly inhibit aging in animals that age prematurely (animals that have progeria).

Researchers say “fisetin should be imminently translatable” to humans and have a significant benefit to the health of the elderly.”  Fisetin’s anti-senescent properties were demonstrated in just 5 days in the animal lab without side effects.

Senescent cells secrete hormone-like molecules that are deleterious to human health.  These senescent cells are what drive human aging.

Senescent cells are rare in young adults but increase with advancing age.  Only about 5-20% of cells become senescent but they have a profoundly strong ability to hasten premature aging, fragility and death.  Abolition of senescent stem cells lengthened lifespan and symptoms of aging in laboratory animals.  Clearance of senescent cells alleviates a wide range of maladies observed in animals in the laboratory including lens opacities in the eye, insulin resistance, muscle loss and frailty.

Here are other properties of fisetin:

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