Exploring Resveratrol’s Health Benefits Part 3: Skin and Vision Preservation & Restoration

Benefits of Longevinex

Introduction: “I’m back,” Teddy said, breezing into my office. “Research complete,” I asked. “Learn anything?” “And how,” he replied. “That “reverse-it-all stuff you gave me is amazing.” “Resveratrol,” I said. “Like I said,” Teddy repeated, “reverse-it-all.” “You are impossible, Teddy.” “I went down to Vegas to where they make it,” Teddy said. “Unbelievable. They take […]

Molecular Medicine Could Avert Predicted Catastrophic Vision Loss In The Aged

Chennai, India (January 9, 2011) – While age-related vision loss of catastrophic proportions is predicted in coming decades, rising from 17 million patients today to 55 million by the year 2050, it’s possible this catastrophe could be averted, and lost vision even restored using molecular medicine.  These are the words of Stuart Richer, OD, Ph.D., […]

Homo Sapiens Modernus

Enslaved By Vocation or Addicted By Choice To Hours In Front Of A Computer Monitor? You Had Better Down A Lutein Pill Every Day. A recently published report cites the fact that ~35% of people born 1965-1996 and now living in developed countries spend at least 9 hours a day in front of digital devices. […]