I Recommend this to My Patients

A top tier product consisting of a combination of zinc, selenium, B6, C, Royal Jelly (secreted from the glands of honeybees with numerous documented health benefits), delivery molecules (B-cyclodextrin), and independently tested for purity. Highly recommended

Great Value, Excellent Product

Fast shipping and such a great value! Zinc is on the protocol for staying healthy. It is on my daily list; such a quality, easy to take product

Amazing Product

The effect almost happens instantly ~ I have a wonderful night sleep eversince taking it around every 7pm. I also realised how it helps smoothen my foot print too.

Strongly Recommend

This is fantastic easy to take with a 4 month supply at minimal cost I highly recommend this product and any product this company makes

Highly Recommend

By now you know that I value the quality of your products, so it would be reasonable that I would order your t-cell zinc to protect my family & myself. I trust this product more than any other! Thank you!

Amazing Combination

Wow – I get ZINC CITRATE,ROYAL JELLY, VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN C, SELENIUM with Absorption and Release Factors all in one Capsule,at a very reasonable price. FANTASTIC – I take one Zinc in the morning with breakfast along with one Garlinex and I’m ready to face the day. I have never worn a mask and I […]

Very Well Formulated Product

Have observed benefits after taking this product, among others have seen an improvement in long term memory with deeper and restful sleep. In general I have a better sense of well being.

Highly Recommend

As I get older it is increasingly difficult to know that I am getting proper amounts of vitamins/minerals and such in my regular diet. I use T-CELL ZINC along with Longevinex and Garlinex as a daily supplement knowing that Longevinex (the company) has done the research that I cannot. I trust this company!