Time Release Garlinex

I take it pretty regular, but when I’m sick I take it 3 times a day like you would an antibiotic. I have COPD, It works for me. I like the time released as it’s active in my body longer. I do burp usually once when I take it, but no garlic taste. I try […]

The Best Garlic Supplement Period!

Great garlic supplement you take once a day. And there’s NEVER any “garlicy burp backs”. Easy on the stomach and easy on your pocketbook as well. I knew from the high quality and use of Longevinex that their garlic supplement would be just as high quality. About the only downside that I can think of […]

Garlinex TR

I love the garlic tablets. Never taste garlic after ingesting. Helps keep my blood pressure in line.


I feel the same protection and vitality I get from raw garlic but without the odor. Highly recommended!


I have read/heard about the benefits of Garlic and have been using Garlinex for several months. One tablet per day and my garlic needs are met and I don’t have to go through the exercise and unpleasantness of dealing with fresh cloves. I appreciate this product and am a Longevinex/Garlinex customer for life!


The best garlic supplement in the universe, improves my lung capacity and breathing better than anything else out there, very happy with this, so go on and try it!

Highly Recommended

I love the time Release Garlinex. When I take one Tablet per day. I never get sick and best of all during flu season. I never get the flu – I do not need a Flu Shot…


This product has helped me tremendously for the health condition of IBS. taken in the morning i don’t experience any problems. i have tried the one without the time release and it wasn’t nearly as effective as the time release. great product. don’t change a thing.