Life Changing

I had suffered for months with indigestion. No matter how small my meals it was getting to be nearly impossible to enjoy any food. Immediately upon taking this product I felt relief. Since using it I have not had any discomfort after eating a meal. It is a life-changer

Awesome Product

After chemo and radiation treatments this has helped get my digestion back to normal.  I am so thankful for this


I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have found Garligest. It has helped me greatly.  In retrospect I realize that a vast majority of my health issues have been due to poor digestion, a lack of proper stomach acid in particular. In my twenties I had cancer and years of fasting and […]

Works as Described

I have had to use ACV before every meal for a while, it does work but can still have heartburn later in the day.  Garligest offers relief that I cant begin to describe.  I’m very thankful this product is offered!  No need for over the counter prescription man-made drugs.  This works!!

Great Results

I am 75 years old and only recently have had discomfort from acid reflux.  Since taking Garligest I have experienced little to no acid reflux. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks!

Very Good Product!

Very good product! I was taking antacid tablets every day for heartburn and acid reflux/belching, etc. but since I started taking Garligest I have noticed remarkable improvement and very little heartburn and sour stomach issues. I haven’t taken a single antacid tablet since I started taking your product! I will be ordering my next month’s […]

Garligest is Amazing

Ten years ago I had a perforated bowel with sepsis and after that taking Garligest 2 capsules 3 times per day. I have never had a problem and no digestive issues. Thank you so much. My surgeon at my follow-up wanted to know what I am taking!!

Highly Recommend

I like the product. I take it with supper each day & I haven’t had reflux. Easy to swallow & seems to help with my digestion.

Beneficial Supplement

Great addition to my daily supplements, first thing in the morning which helps digest my breakfast.