Doctor’s Preferred Form of Resveratrol

Longevinex’s proprietary form of resveratrol is unique in the supplement world and it is the one thing that I never miss myself! I have recommended this to my patients for years!

Save Your Vision

Great addition to the AREDS 2 supplement regiment for macular degeneration. Have seen improvement in many patients, including myself.

Micronized Advantage is Working

I started using Advantage for the hyaluronan, to see if it would help with my shoulders which have both been damaged and have become somewhat “frozen” — hard to raise above my head. After about 7 weeks of taking two capsules a day, I am noticed a marked improvement in joint mobility. I’m very pleased […]

Alternative Doctor’s Highest Recommended Product

I have been in Alternative Health for over 47 years, and for many decades I have been following Longevinex’s research and sharing it to my clients. As they started developing products I have been very impressed with his detail to quality and innovation. Longevinex Advantage is the best Resveratrol supplement on the market, with support […]

The One-Mouse Experiment

When you have no control group, as in the case of our one-mouse experiments in health and longevity, it is hard to know how a control group might have fared. Nonetheless, I was persuaded of the reasonableness of taking Longevinex products 13 years ago and have taken them ever since, most recently the Advantage formulation. […]

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended! My wife and I have been using Longevinex since 2006. We’re now in our 60’s and are both very active physically and in excellent health. As an added bonus, my wife, at least, could pass for someone in her early 40’s.

Highly Recommend

I’m 87 years old. My eye doctor recommended that I use Longenivex products.   I ordered Advantage, and I’ve been using it since September 1, of this year, now for six weeks.  I happen to have white hair above my ears.  I notice that the use of Advantage in that brief period, my white hairs […]

Long-Time User

When my friend’s doctor found this product over 20 years ago, he raved about it and said he would be a faithful user. My friend told me about it, and I have been using it ever since, changing as upgrades came along. It has helped with my memory and health, and I have become one […]

Only The Best!

My family’s health is my #1 priority and with all the viruses going on, our DNA and immune system need to be in tip top shape. There is no better products on the market than Longevinex and Molecular Multi not forgetting Formula 216! I am 57 years old and have never been in better health! […]