February 22, 2020

Resveratrol Does It Again: Abolishes Lyme Disease (And So Does Garlic)

The cure-alls of all cure-alls: resveratrol. It’s a mood pill, longevity pill, aspirin substitute, anti-anxiety agent, brain starter, heart energizer, and now the toughest and most perplexing disease of all,  Lyme disease (parasitic bacterium: Borrelia burgdorferi) falls to resveratrol.

This tick-borne infection is reported to cause facial paralysis, and meningitis, with over 300,000 new cases per year in Europe and the USA, and has been a vexing problem for modern medicine to overcome.  Antibiotics are somewhat effective but 10-20 percent of the time symptoms persist (joint pain, memory loss, heart palpitations, headaches).

Researchers found Japanese knotweed, from which resveratrol is extracted, had eradicating power.  It was a knock-out punch at very low concentrations in a lab dish.  It bested 11 other herbal candidates in a recent quest to find a cure. It’s all cited in a recent issue of FRONTIERS IN MEDICINE.

Last year researchers also tested various plant-based oils, only to find the oil from garlic bulbs (botanical name: Allium sativum) at a very low concentration, “completely eradicate” this pathogen.  Those with persistent cases of Lyme may find a home remedy by crushing a garlic clove and applying it to the affected area of a tick bite.  Garlic and resveratrol pills provide internal therapy for Lyme disease that affects internal organs and tissues.