New 3 hour slow release. Take 1 veggie tablet once daily with meal. Don’t accept anything but GarlinexTM: Real enzyme activated allicin, patented AlkemyTM buffered garlic delivery system proven to produce real allicin in a human study. Allicin is known for its strong anti-germicidal action without inducing germ resistance. Ingredients documented to activate Nrf2 genetic pathway that produces natural internal antioxidants (glutathione, catalase, superoxide dismutase), combined with three additional anti-germicidal herbs; allspice, cloves and ginger, in a base of IP6 rice bran extract. Buffered garlic powder (GarlinexTM) also triggers transient production of hydrogen sulfide gas as well as nitric oxide gas, both which dilate (widen) blood vessels and improve blood circulation. While there are many beneficial health effects produced by aged garlic (no allicin), allicin is considered the primary active ingredient in garlic that promotes healthy blood circulation, blood pressure within the normal range, and has germ-fighting properties. Encapsulated in vegicaps to produce an all-natural product with no artificial fillers or inactive ingredients; no GMO, gluten or artificial colors. Packaged in hermetically sealed bags to optimize shelf life. Produced in the USA under Good Manufacturing Processes.