Our Longevinex Advantage Formula: Is the first dietary supplement to address the aging of cells and connective tissue. It has the exact dosage of nutrients in Longevinex plus additional hydrating ingredients: pure hyaluronan, which can help thicken the hair, and lubricate the joints. Lutein/zeaxanthin, protects the eyes and skin from solar radiation, which results in aging.

Now includes Nucleotides: DNA Repair Factor is now included in LONGEVINEX to enhance DNA repair by provision of supplemental DNA parts (nucleotides). The human body normally has a supply of spare DNA parts. But during wound healing or tissue repair, nucleotides that form the steps on the DNA ladder may be in short supply. A shortage of DNA parts can lead to errors in DNA repair and subsequent gene mutations. Living cells are forced to abnormally increase in numbers when there is an insufficient pool of nucleotide spare parts to support normal DNA replication.

Now includes Beta cyclodextrin: To aid in the solubility and absorption of resveratrol and serve as an accompanying antioxidant to protect resveratrol and other polyphenols in Longevinex.

Now includes FISETIN: A natural resveratrol-like molecule found naturally in strawberries. Fisetin has been found to be superior to other polyphenols (like resveratrol and quercetin in Longevinex) that inhibit and even reverse cells from becoming old (senescent, that is, they no longer divide and replicate themselves in a process called mitosis). Fisetin has recently found to inhibit frailty and promote vigor and stamina with advancing age.

Free of: Synthetic preservative or fillers, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, soy, or GMO. Produced under Good Manufacturing Practices and independently tested to meet purity standards (heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and fungi). Made in the USA.