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1805, 2021

ADVISORY: Limit Dosage of Polyphenols Such As Curcumin (Turmeric) When Combined With Resveratrol

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Some avid supplement users are getting into trouble by mega-dosing on polyphenols, hence the publication of this advisory for educational purposes. Longevinex® contains three potent polyphenols: resveratrol, quercetin and fisetin. The bulk of the scientific literature regarding polyphenols points to modest doses providing optimal health benefits. This is evidence of hormesis, that a small amount of a “toxin” can activate

3012, 2019

Making Longevinex® Capsules

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Longevinex® capsules start production three months before they become a finished product.  Raw materials are acquired, usually from overseas sources to keep costs low: resveratrol, vitamin D and quercetin from reliable vendors in China; IP6 rice bran and hyaluronic acid from Japan; nucleotides from France; beta cyclodextrin from Germany; lutein from marigold petals in Mexico. To comply with U.S. FDA

2102, 2019


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Don’t Let The Cells In Your Body Grow Old Before You Do Longevinex™, the world’s best-tested resveratrol capsules (15 published papers), announces the addition of a new anti-senescent molecule to its patented formula (US Patent 8916528B2). As recently reported, a small percentage of cells in the human body become senescent, that is they no longer divide and generate daughter cells,

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