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  • LONGEVINEX® Goes Au Naturel

    Dec 21 2020

    The UV-opaquing agent in Longevinex® sealed vege-caps is now made from purple carrot pigment, giving Longevinex® capsules a wine-colored appearance.

    Early on, in 2004, we learned that resveratrol, the key ingredient in Longevinex®, is light-sensitive, particularly to UV-light. Lab-grade resveratrol is stored at below-zero temperature and protected from light exposure in an opaque vial.

    When Longevinex® tested competing products it was discovered many other brands had significant amounts of degraded (cis resveratrol) rather than the preserved form (trans resveratrol).

    That is why Longevinex® is packaged in a heat-reflective foil blister card and then sealed in opaque capsules to maintain product integrity.

    Longevinex® produces a product that is as close to lab-grade resveratrol as possible.

    Longevinex Boxes with purple pills

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