Longevinex® initially gained worldwide attention in the news media as a unique dietary supplement that laboratory researchers themselves use and for being manufactured under near-pharmaceutical standards, with particular attention to preservation of trans resveratrol by special airtight encapsulation technologies.

Longevinex® is a unique blend of nutraceuticals fashioned to control minerals in your body and to exert a favorable influence over your genome.  Longevinex® is designed around a theory of aging (overmineralization theory) which can be found on this website.  To gain a better understanding of why humans age, you will want to read that theory.

The human genome is a complete package of genetic material, organized in chromosomes. A complete copy of the genome is found in most cells.  The human body only has ~30,000 genes, a surprisingly smaller number than initially anticipated.

When proven methods of improving the human healthspan and lifespan are employed, such as a calorie restricted diet, only about 200 of these genes are significantly affected.  This again is a very small number of genes that can have a profound effect upon human health.  This is less than 1% of the human genome.

The ingredients in Longevinex® are known to molecularly mimic the effects of calorie restriction via a single gene, Sirtuin 1.

Since calorie restriction is an unequivocal intervention that can prolong life (cutting caloric intake in half will roughly double the lifespan of most living organisms), this means a relatively few genes may be able to control the rate of aging.

The Longevinex® matrix exerts influence over a far greater array of genes than plain resveratrol, which will be soon demonstrated in published laboratory studies.