While infrequent, both of these symptoms have been reported among users of resveratrol supplements. These symptoms may be indicators of anemia (iron shortage). It has been shown that women after childbirth are often anemic due to loss of blood during childbirth and hemoglobin levels less than 10 grams per deciliter result in nearly 7 in 10 post-delivery women experiencing a headache. [Journal Obstetrics Gynaecology 20: 35-38, January 2000] Resveratrol is a copper chelator (key-lay-tor), while other ingredients in Longevinex are iron chelators. Fatigue and sleepiness are commonly associated with anemia. The provision of supplemental iron to remedy this problem may be problematic as anemia may not be caused by a shortage of iron in the diet but rather chronic inflammation, infection or malignancy that causes the liver to produce iron-binding proteins to limit the amount of available unbound iron to make new red blood cells. In states of disease, the body binds up loose iron which can worsen infections and inflammation. A complete blood count will reveal hemoglobin and red blood cell levels, and a ferritin test will indicate the amount of stored iron. Your doctor may be able to ascertain if you are anemic and its cause.

BULLETIN concerning reports of Achilles heel tendonitis with resveratrol capsules

The Food & Drug Administration has issued a warning concerning certain antibiotics that pose the risk for Achilles heel inflammation or rupture.  The bulletin was for fluoroquinolone drugs, such as CIPRO (ciprofloxacin), and requests drug manufacturers to attach a black box warning on their products.  Patients are advised to immediately stop taking these medications if tendon pain is experienced.

Informal online reports of Achilles heel pain associated with high-dose resveratrol capsules is suggestive of a similar problem.  Resveratrol is a copper-chelator and high doses may impair collagen formation.

CIPRO is a mineral-chelating (kee-lay-ting) drug that interacts with iron, copper and magnesium.  In fact, supplemental magnesium, iron or copper can interfere with CIPRO-like antioxidants.

Mega-dosing on resveratrol or other mineral-chelating ingredients in Longevinex®, such as quercetin, rice bran IP6 and ferulic acid, is not recommended and may induce (a) anemia or (b) Achilles heel tendonitis.

Be aware.

Supplemental magnesium is a primary antidote, and vitamin E secondarily.  Also, some additional copper from foods (cocoa, almonds), but not supplements, are advised.  If using magnesium supplements, magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed (4%).  Use other forms of magnesium.