Resveratrol is a small molecule and about 70% is absorbed and rapidly enters the blood circulation and is attached to (conjugated with) detoxifying molecules (sulfur and glucuronate) in the liver. Longevinex® includes quercetin, a natural molecule commonly found in wine and onions, that allows resveratrol to make more passes through the liver, and thus makes resveratrol more immediately available for use. Once metabolized (attached to glucuronate), resveratrol is not available for use, but this metabolic process extends its life from a few minutes to 9 hours. At the site of inflammation, infection or neoplasms, there is an abundant amount of glucuronidase, an unzipping enzyme, which disconnects resveratrol from glucuronate, so it can be delivered to tissues at the right time and place. Oral resveratrol is proving to be active and effective in animal studies. There is little doubt that resveratrol is orally available and found in tissues throughout the body.