Yes, in a molecular activation test, Longevinex® was found to activate the Sirtuin1 gene (Biomol, independent test). However, these types of tests may not be indicative of what is going on inside the body. Recently Dr. Leonard Guarente of MIT noted that a calorie restricted diet does not stimulate the Sirtuin1 gene, but rather stabilizes and inhibits degradation of proteins made by the Sirtuin1-gene. Resveratrol capsules are supposed to be a molecular mimic of calorie restriction. A recent gene array study that measured messenger RNA showed Longevinex® actually down-regulated the Sirtuin1 gene in a rodent study. However, Longevinex® may still have increased the amount of Sirtuin1 gene protein by exerting stabilizing effects in a similar manner as a calorie restricted diet. The big finding is that the Biomol Sirtuin1 gene activation test should not be considered a true test of the biological action of anti-aging capsules.