Dr. Hitchmoth

Dorothy L. Hitchmoth OD, FAAO, ABO, ABCMO Diplomate Dr. Hitchmoth is a nationally-recognized award-winning professor, lecturer and educator who has authored countless scientific papers, editorials and book chapters. She is Fellow of the Academy and the Retina Society and is dual board-certified. She had a 22 year tenure serving our nations veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs and served as Chief of Optometry, Director of Residency, health systems analyst, and is a recognized telehealth expert. She has owned and operated a private-practice for 27 years that she expanded in 2018. The practice has been recognized as a macular degeneration center of excellence and during COVID provided important emergency eye care for a local critical access hospital in rural New Hampshire. Dr. Hitchmoth is a Senior Business Consultant for Percept Corp., and Zeiss Meditec, and serves on many medical and scientific advisory and non-profits to include Board of Trustees at her Alma Mater, NECO.

She has been a key influencer in public policy and legislation regarding access to eye and health care and is a past State society President and has served in leadership roles in the American Optometric Association over the past 28 years. She was named the AOA Advocate of the Year in 2017 and the AOA Young OD of the Year in 2003 and has received countless other awards. In 2020, she was recognized by Project Cure for her leadership in editorial publication about the COVID pandemic and appears regularly on social media and television interviews, has been featured in two documentary films and has been dubbed “America’s eye doctor” by her colleagues.

Website: www.drdorothy.org

Email: drdorothy@hitchmotheyecare.com


Innovative strategic alchemist and thought leader motivated by a passion for preserving vision, health, and quality of life.

A highly versatile, award-winning executive, doctor, educator, and advocate.

Summary of Achievements:

Dr. Hitchmoth has a 26-year history as a physician executive and a dynamic track record of achievement in strategic systems change in government, private, and corporate sectors to include single location and hospital systems process improvements that include award- winning quality and safety improvements as well as successful product launch. Her leadership accomplishments, as part of state and national advocacy teams, have resulted in numerous changes in state and federal laws affecting patient access and care. She also successfully led national education campaigns for new product and service launches in the ophthalmic imaging, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and integrative medicine arenas. She is a prolific writer with countless publications. Dr. Hitchmoth is a nationally recognized executive and professional team leader who has advocated for patients, colleagues, and the public through countless symposia, public lectures and motivational speeches. She is a well-liked consensus builder with noted achievements in changing and improving the way we think about taking care of patients.