Resveratrol Inhibits Sight – Threatening New Blood Vessels at the Back of the Eyes

Resveratrol Inhibits Sight -Threatening New Blood Vessels at the Back of the Eyes Resveratrol does this while ALSO Promoting New Blood Vessels that Repair the Heart after a Heart Attack Threatening New Blood Vessels At the Back Of The Eyes While Simultaneously Promoting New Blood Vessels That Repair The Heart After A Heart Attack There is […]

For The Want Of Garlic

When your eyes water from cutting an onion, when your tongue withdraws at the taste of cloves or nutmeg, when your nose is both repulsed and seduced by garlic odor, there is something very healthy going on. A confounding fact is that pungent molecules in spices and foods offer unrivaled health benefits. The most recently […]

FAKE MEDICINE: Call To Abandon Statin Drugs and Baby Aspirin

Baby-Aspirin, Statin Cholesterol Drugs Found to Have Null Effect on Heart Attacks and Heart Disease. In a short span of a few days, both baby aspirin and anti-cholesterol statin drugs, upon which modern medicine has relied for decades, were shown in human clinical studies to be of worthless value in preventing heart attacks and heart […]